Turn it up, Monday morning.

Week 10: Jim James

Jim James usually is seen as the frontman of the band My Morning Jacket; however, for the first time he’s debuting a solo album. Not out of creative boredom with his usual group, but as the result of an intense connection with the graphic novel “Gods’ Man” by Lynd Ward. After experiencing some trauma after a stage fall, the book was placed in his hands at the right time and a lot of self-reflection combined with intense connection to the premise of the novel has now led to the announcement of a debut solo album “Regions of Light and Sounds of God” and a solo U.S. tour. Before even listening to the album, I read this quote and was hooked and intrigued:

“I’m trying to understand spirituality in a big way. I want to use that as a gateway to peace, and to be a peaceful person and to be a better person, but there are so many options on spirituality. … So far, I believe what people have said in so many ways: That God is love, God is the zone, and I feel like God is the place where you are when you’re doing something creative that you love.”

Jim James, Courier Journal

Right now the album is still for pre-order (releases tomorrow!) so you have to be creative to hear some tracks. One of my favorites is “Know Til Now” but all tracks have a soulful, edgy vibe that feels like it sinks into your bones. I could totally put this on shuffle with Ellie Goulding and maybe even some Modest Mouse. It would make for an eclectic mix.

Check Jim James out tonight on Jimmy Fallon when he makes a guest appearance!

Dear One by Jim James

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