The interesting people I’ve met on my travels today:

(And this might be edited to add more once I get to Boston)

– The Harvard neuroscience / pragmatic philosophy graduate student

– The couple who had been on a ski trip and were suffering altitude sickness

– The mom who swore her son’s prayers to not go on her business trip are why she was grounded and likely going back home.

– Roy, the cowboy, retired-professional bull rider who now delivers trucks all over the county.

– Katrina, the friendly Google girl who I over-trusted after meeting her for two minutes to watch my luggage.

– Rob, the guy who had just moved to Chicago but really missed Boston. And also worked for Google.

– Beth, who lives only 45 minutes away from me and knows so many mutual connections.

– The runner moms who write for Runner’s World, oh and they just so happen to be authors. One day they’re going to be on Amazing Race (my suggestion) and I’m going to take credit.

– The mom who had had too much to drink en-route to trying to make her daughter’s 21st birthday.

– Daniel, the guy who agreed that sales reps blame advertising people first if something isn’t working.

– The two guys who represented a construction fabric company and shared Montreal memories.

– The soldier who was returning from Afghanistan. He won most tiring travel day. Hands down. No contest. Mostly just a “thanks for what you do.”

You guys today has been so crazy. But it’s wild looking back at how many people I talked to. Haha, they’re almost like breadcrumbs through my day. Here’s to seeing what Minneapolis has up it’s sleeve. Just one more hour until boarding in Seattle….

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