Today has been nuts.

Suffice to say, I was supposed to be well in Boston hanging out with Sarah, Brian and Egor by now. But instead I’ve spent six hours at a restaurant in the Salt Lake City airport making new friends with fellow estranged travelers.

When I woke up to an ice storm I figured the day could get ugly; but I didn’t really know what to expect.

Needless to say an interstate was closed, it was an obstacle course to return my rental car and I made it to my gate in time to board . . . only to be informed that a plane had slid off the runway and we were officially grounded with the runways closing.

So we waited two hours. Were given hope, only to hear that our flight was officially cancelled.

And then I was able to LUCKILY get on an 8:10 p.m. flight to Seattle. To then fly to Minneapolis. To then fly to Boston.

It is going to be a hella long night. And I’m already sleepy. But, hey–adding another state to those new ones. Now I’ll be up to:

– Minnesota

– Utah

– Washington

– Massachusetts

– New Hampshire

– Vermont

Now, please everyone, say some prayers that the next THREE flights go: smoothly, uneventfully and on time. Because mama needs to get some sleep and needs no stress about missing any more flights or having any more cancellations.

The good thing? Most people here are in a good mood. Sometimes you have to take life for what it is; and how often does it go not to plan?

On with the adventure!

Side note: I will have flown over North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Wyoming, South Dakota, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia and South Carolina. WOW, that’s ALMOST half of the United States. And honestly, West Virginia might have been in there I just can’t be sure.

One thought on “Today has been nuts.

  1. I live in Salt Lake CIty and the ice storm and freezing rain we had today was insane. We are used to seeing Blizzards and horrible snow storms, but not the freezing rain. Luckily, I was able to work from home today. I’m glad you made it to the airport in one piece and are on to your next destination. 🙂 Safe travels.

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