This week is totally crazy.

What did I expect with two big client presentations and the fact that I’m going to be gone for the next week and a half? I have no idea.

But between a cripplingly long work and personal to-do list, while it’s only Tuesday it feels like Thursday!

So needless to say the following things have not gone well and I think they might need to start on February 1st:

– Implementing a budget! Yes, I’m still going to do envelopes. But to do this requires creating a budget that I can stick to. (Vacations aren’t usually a good time to start that either.)

– RUNNING. What the French. Yell at me, please. But last night I chose to drive an hour to watch “Bachelor” with a best friend instead of the gym and tonight I worked until almost 9 p.m. So perhaps we say, start back tomorrow? But yet I’m more realistic and hope for next month.

– Eating healthy. I was doing OK. And then I ran into the peanut butter jar tonight . . . .

I’m serious about this stuff; but had to have a public confessional. Sometimes life things hit the bottom of the list when other things are crazy.

Now, while I have five minutes before bed I must make a to-do list!

Five days and I fly . . .!

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