Turn it up, Monday morning.

Week 9: Folly and the Hunter

Yup, they’re Canucks. I didn’t forget my Canadian countdown oath from last week. This time I bring you Folly and the Hunter based out of Montreal. Once you listen, you might roll your eyes and think—wow, Ashley you really like laid-back folk, indie music. And you would be right. It’s not inappropriate to use this comparison:

F & H write tranquil yet sorrowful songs akin to that of Bon Iver, The National and Iron & Wine, while adding energy to the compositions with build ups and cascades of sound similar to that of Sigur Ros, Sufjan Stevens and Arcade Fire. – LastFM

Totally appropriate. Right now I measure good music that I can sit and listen, appreciate and respect the lyrics if I want to. But at the same time I can put in my headphones, jam on some other work and during those moments appreciate the acoustics. This group, like many they are compared to, strike a solid balance. The only complaint is that the first album song-to-song can be a little flat (to me).

While the group only has one album, Resident, out, their next is due in April this year.

My favorite is their song “Cost” so have a listen.

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