One of the best parts of returning to the pavement?

The necessity for some new kicks quite soon!

I’ve been a very loyal Asics runner the past three years–and I love them, I do. But I have this issue where I run holes in the heels. I’ve done the research, I’ve asked other runners, I’ve asked the sales people. Everyone tells me I’m not wearing the right socks. Well, I’ve been wearing the “correct” socks for the entirety of my ownership of my latest pair. And what do you know, I have again developed holes in the same places. Odd. So, I’m re-opening my shopping to other brands again.

The challenge is that I have slightly narrow feet and a tendency for overpronation. And I have some inserts I’m fairly married to. (Serious runners, I swear by it. Try inserts. I’m with you and thought I was being sold. But turns out I have been able to tell a serious difference in my knees ever since I started running with my inserts.)

All this to say — It’s hard to find shoes that feel just right and still offer stability for a narrow foot; hence my love for Asics.

So I found these four beauties and am now in the deliberation period. Any runners out there with input on Brooks, Mizuno or Asics (again)? I know they’re all quality shoes. Just can’t quite decide if I’m going to stick with the standby or go out on a limb.

2013 does kind of feel like a year for limbs though, doesn’t it . . .

The contenders:

 Mizuno Wave Precision 13

              Brooks Ghost 5

Asics GT-1000

Asics GT-2000

3 thoughts on “One of the best parts of returning to the pavement?

  1. Just curious where you are getting your shoe advice from… None of those are stability shoes (for overpronating). If you are a heel striker then I would look at the Asics Kayano. But my advice is to focus on natural running (striking the midfoot, taking shorter strides). Natural running will most definitely help with the knee issues, plis you won’t end up wearing those insanely heavy shoes you’re looking at. It will also minimize your issues with overpronating since you won’t be on your heels.

    • I was actually fit for the GT 2160 which is what I run in now; so the GT 2000 and 1000 are pretty comparable. Agreed that you’re right the Mizuno and Brooks are definitely not stability. I’m a little curious to maybe try neutral with my inserts and see if that does the same trick. Thanks for the advice!

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