Seeking ridiculously fun running partners, who are also good for follow-through.

 One of my best friend, Michelle’s, first 5k last year–this is prior to being beasted by some serious hills.

Anyone up for a half marathon?

OK, friends. I have this half marathon that must happen before October (thank you, 25 by 25) and I’m really leaning toward the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half in Nashville, April 27th.

But only three things will make that as fun as it can be:

1) I really need to get my butt in training order. But four months feels very, very feasible. (Disclaimer, I have trained for this in the past.)

2) I need friends to either commit to run with me or go and hold me accountable.

3) A huge build-up of excitement. Races of this nature just require a lot of motivation. And I think 80 percent of that comes from the anxiety : ) and excitement that you’re going to run over 13 miles. And you’re going to celebrate so hard when you finish. So, I’m looking for others who can get as excited about this as I am. And I’m forewarning you for more posts about progress along the way.

Sound a little long? How about half of a half marathon?

An alternative consideration, if you’re not ready for half-marathon level commitment yet is the Charleston Cooper River Bridge Run, which is a 10K.

Deets? It’s April 6, 2013 and just over 6 miles. Totally do-able in four months time! Registration needs to get in soon though; and if you register by January 15th you get your name on your bib.

Alright runner friends, who’s up for some event t-shirts and a little bit of sweat?

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