Day two of a fresh 13.

So, my New Years Eve was pretty amazing. It looked a little something like this. (Kind of bitter I don’t have a better photo of the great outfit I put together. I’m rarely proud of an outfit, but that one was a good one!)



A dinner and concert going of ten newspaper friends that I hadn’t seen in roughly three years. Lots to talk and nerd out about. It was entirely as awesome as the concert that followed.


This photo does insanely little justice to a) how fairly decent our seats were and b) the greatness of the Avett Brothers, themselves. So many songs, and yet somehow didn’t hear a handful of favorites—but, that’s OK because my insane desire to already see them again live then has (as if needed) other legitimate reasoning. Right? : )


I’m pretty confident it was hands-down one of the best New Years Eves that I have experienced. So, freaking, cool.

And now 2013 is off to a solid start. Typically people (myself included) are posting the usual 2013 resolutions; but I think I still have my hands pretty full with wrapping up my 25 by 25 list. So, just to recap what’s left for this  year:

  1. Learn to play guitar.  – (in progress)
  2. Get a stamp in my way-too-empty passport.  – (January 2013)
  3. Write a book proposal. – (needs an action plan . . .)
  4. Run a half marathon. – (mama’s gotta start running again, stat)
  5. Break out my should-have-been-used-by-now tent. – (this spring! I need some committed tag-alongs though, so need to work through those details)
  6. Learn how to actually keep a personal budget. (the one true resolution for 2013. Hello envelope system, starting next paycheck!)
  7. Volunteer time somewhere that really counts. Find a non-profit to dedicate passion. – (Open to suggestion, need to start doing some research)
  8. Take a trip with brother. – (TBD. It’s all very secretive right now)
  9. Re-immerse in the arts: read more, listen to bands I’ve never heard of. – (Turn it up, Monday mornings? In progress. List of books to read? In progress. Seeing a lot of movies and shows? Typical.)
  10. Continue my education. Enroll in a class or make a point to find non-traditional ways to keep challenging myself and growing. – (Need to research.)
  11. Stop being afraid of commitment, Mom & Dad have set an awesome example—there’s no reason to be so antsy.
  12. Find a new church home.
  13. When you see family members are calling, answer it. When you see long-distance friends are calling your phone, answer it. When you don’t want to call, don’t underestimate the power of sending the unexpected letter. – (Need to vow to write more letters. Maybe one a month here on out? Already doing better with answering calls.)
  14. Be outrageously spontaneous at least once. Want to watch a sunrise on the coast? Go. Want to see that band that only plays on weeknights at a hole-in-the-wall in New York? Make it happen. – (I did a baby spontaneity; but need a grander gesture…)
  15. Surround myself with French. That includes you, Sarah Bennett. (Make it to Montreal.) Find a conversational friend. Read something French at least once a week. – (January 2013)
  16. Try for other acting experience. – (Wimping out on this one, someone inspire me!)
  17. Learn how to handle a firearm. Okay, and maybe shoot one too. – (Calling friends who love guns; take me to the range)
  18. Be published in a news forum that I haven’t been published in before. – (Have my eye on a publication . . .)
  19. Be vulnerable. It’s OK to tell people how I feel every so often. In fact, I should tell some people every single day. – (I think I’m going this? But need to be more proactive and attentive to specifics.)
  20. See a play on Broadway. – (Summer 2013, maybe?)
  21. Visit a state I’ve never been to. (January 2013)
  22. See what it’s like to be brunette. Even if it’s just a day.
  23. Simplify. Purge the belongings I don’t need. Space, memories and people are more important than things. (This is happening in so, so many ways. Getting this checked off by the end of the month for sure.)
  24. Be open to being in a relationship and really think about what I want.
  25. Apply for something outside of your comfort zone. Be it a mission trip, race or whatever I’ve wanted to try in the past but chickened out on.

Look at all of that that I have left to do! Did you make a resolution? Hopefully my laundry list just helped yours feel pretty accomplishable. Myself, I’m a little overwhelmed now; but still glad I’m keeping tabs. Have to keep moving!

Happy day two of the new year!

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