Turn it up, Monday morning.

Week 7: Amos Lee

Tonight I’m going to see the Avett Brothers and Amos Lee live, and I seriously…for the first time…listened to Amos Lee last night. Better late than never though, because I really love it and am now even more excited about tonight’s show. The most popular/well-known of his hits is “Sweet Pea,” which you might recognize from commercials years past. However, my personal favorite “Flower” can be found on the “Mission Bell” album. I love the description of his music as “1970s folk rock and rustic soul.” Seeing as how he has been compared to John Prine and Norah Jones, it’s shocking that he hasn’t a) already been on my iPod and b) not already been featured as a “Turn it up.”

Enjoy my friends, and concert permitting, maybe I’ll have a live video to share after this evening!

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