2012, you were all right–but it’s time for 2013 to do its thing.

I have the most deliriously, deep-to-the-bone happy feeling about 2013.

You know those awesome inklings you get that are so great, that you get self-conscious of how horrible it would be if you’re over zealous and something terrible ends up happening? Oy, not going to think about it.

That’s how great of a feeling I have about 2013.

I’m feeling:

– Happy changes.

– Beautiful friendships (new and old).

– Fun celebrations.

– Promises followed through.

– Adventurous travels.

– Getting out of the comfort zone.

– Being invested.

– Healthy growing up.

– Lots of love.

(And quite a few 25 by 25s are left.)

I don’t know exactly where this feeling is coming from, but I’d be willing to bet a whole lot on it coming true. After the year that I had in 2012, I’m so hopeful for a completely full year of awesome.

2012 was happy, don’t get me wrong. But it had its challenges. It started out a little rough when we had to say good-bye to family dachshund Chloe, and again later in the year a sad and too-soon good-bye to a close young cousin. There were some rough stretches of sickness, a health scare with my brother and there was of course a break-up.

But there was also a moving on. There was a legendary visit to NYC to see Linds; a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with a director that I admire; fun acting classes; a great Florida family vacation; work successes; a new apartment; the forging of many new and stronger friendships; a 5k with best friends; the best birthday weekend…ever; and there were so many fun concerts.

2012, you were full of growing pains and it wasn’t always easy—but I wouldn’t change a day. Thanks to you, I’m an improved girl from December 31, 2011.

So, to that? 2013, I am so ready. You are going to be freaking fantastic, I already know.

I’ll be bringing in the New Year with a favorite band and then celebrating the first day with a traditional dinner shared with close friends. Now, if that’s not a promising start—I don’t know what is.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe and cheerful New Years Eve / Day!

2 thoughts on “2012, you were all right–but it’s time for 2013 to do its thing.

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