New states? Parlez-vous Francais?

I can’t check them off yet; but plans are officially booked for a giant two-part January trip:

First Leg

Big business trip (for me) to Salt Lake City, Utah (hello No. 21 “Visit a state you’ve never been to.” on the 25 by 25 list)

This will not only be the longest flight I’ve ever been on, which will likely cause me to need some anxiety meds ha, it will also be the furthest west I’ve ever traveled. I’m stoked to go up a little early the day before I actually start work to be able to do some exploring. Plus, a little bird tells me that I’m getting a pretty cool camera for Christmas so this will be an excellent place to try it out.

Second Leg

Montreal via Boston

Instead of flying back home, next stop will be Boston, again another first, to meet up with long-time best friend from high school. Together we’ll road trip through New Hampshire and Vermont to oh’ Canada and spend a few days in Montreal. (Hello No. 2 “Get a stamp in my way-too-empty passport.” and No. 15 “Surround myself with French.”)

I will accomplish three 25 by 25‘s in just a week. How awesome? And instead of just one new state, I’ll be ticking off five (and yes, I’m counting airport layovers: Minn., Utah, Mass., N.H., V.T.). I’ll provide some photo evidence along the way, cross my heart.


2013 hasn’t even started yet, and I can already tell that it will be one of my favorite years. Now if Avett Brothers can just start us off right in just under two weeks. So much excitement I can barely breathe.

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