Turn it up, Monday morning.

Week 5: John Gallagher Jr.

Yup, you guys knew it was coming.

So, for those who aren’t counted among my close friends, you might not know that I discovered the magic of John Gallagher Jr. a few months ago. And now I’m force sharing it as my Week 5 Turn it Up. The guy is incredibly talented, and may or may not have been an inkling of inspiration that made me want to learn to play guitar. Not to mention though he writes most of his own songs. The above, Fan Letter, is a solid favorite but I’m also completely in love with “Constance” and “Still Sixteen,” as well as “So Many Things.” Again, the guy is just crazy talented. In any of his music you can totally tell the folk/americana influences of his parents who are also musicians. Most of his stuff is acoustic, but he doesn’t mixes it up with both guitar and piano.

Unfortunately no albums to share, but I do encourage you to YouTube surf his name.

And if that’s not enough. Watch for him next June when The Newsroom returns to HBO because yeah, he’s that talented, he’s also an actor playing one of the main characters Jim Harper. Word is that an album is perhaps in the works, there will most likely be a post whenever that is made official. Enjoy!

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