Love and such.

Love and such.

I had a cute conversation with my Mom and Dad last night. We were talking about people getting married and how it’s typical fashion these days to do some good ol’ pre-marriage counseling. I wasn’t sure if it was the same in the 80s.

So I asked my parents if they had pre-marriage counseling.

Perhaps it’s worth the disclosure that we were discussing the merits or failures of pre-marriage counseling. My parents, being married for almost 25 years, I felt would be a good “win” for pre-marriage counseling if they had it.

Instead I got the response of, “Oh no, we didn’t have time!”

In the words of Johnny Cash, my parents kind of got married in a fever.

But look at that.

Sometimes, when love is just right and the timing has finally come into place. It just works. They only got in a hurry once they knew they had it right : )

Really beautiful example of love that they set for me every day. Blessed girl. Want to have as committed of a relationship as they have one day.

Oh geeze, I think this sounds vaguely like a 25 by 25 to check off . . . I might be onto something . . .

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