Finally! New Specs. Thank you, Warby Parker.


Four years and slightly cloudier vision later, I got a new pair of glasses!

But it wasn’t an easy selection. I had a really specific image in mind of what I wanted. Printed a nice coupon to LensCrafters, went to try them on and was then left with a complete face of shock when I was quoted the price. ($500!?)

Have you ever seen a picture of me in glasses?

Likely not.

I do not wear them very often; but when I do–they’re a total accessory.

Enter, Warby Parker. This is in fact not a sponsored post, but it might as well be.

Only $95 (!) for a pair of really stylish glasses, frames, lenses and all. And free shipping. And they have a 1:1 program, buy a pair and they donate a pair. Totally freaking fantastic.

And did I mention that they let you (all free, mind you) request five frames to have shipped to you to have a trial try-on week. Wear the ones you like. Ask friends. Post pictures online. Get comfortable with your pick. And then return them (paid shipping by Warby Parker). And order!

I’m so in love with this company and idea. Seriously the best deal for a girl like me who wants some stylish specs but really doesn’t want to shell out a fortune only to wear them once or twice a month in public.

Need new glasses any time soon? Seriously, go check out Warby Parker now.

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