25 by 25: Be open to being in a relationship and really think about what I want.

25 by 25: Be open to being in a relationship and really think about what I want.

You don’t decide you’re ready to move on overnight. Goodness, no. This has been quite the work in progress. I didn’t flip a switch tonight and make this 25 by 25 come true. But I did spend months this summer healing. And I spent months this fall looking forward and praying.

Y’all, I’m so ready to move on.

I know I’m still being vague! Tsk, tsk. But I couldn’t wait to post this 25 by 25 until the mother-lode post is ready. I’ll just go ahead and tease that post right now by saying:

Breaking News: This girl went through a break-up. (Shocker.)

But don’t let that lead you astray from reading that post later on, It’s in the lane to be a good one.

In the meantime though, while I figure out the right words to introduce that chapter of my life to you–my heart is still winding down the road ahead. And it’s quite OK.

In some ways, I hate to post the quote above because it insinuates that I haven’t had that kind of love in the past.

Sadly though, I feel like I’ve had half of that.

I’m looking for the whole thing.

And mind you, this is NOT an all-call to go man prowling. Goodness. Oh, no.

I’m just so excited about the plans God has in front of me. I know that he has something awesome up his sleeve. And I want to be an enabler for that.

Part of being an enabler though is being able to recognize when God’s putting someone in your life.

So, part 1: Be open to one day a relationship? Done.

Part 2: Know what I want?

Well, to recognize who God is putting in your life you also need to know what you need.

Don’t get me wrong, I have always had an, albeit informal, running tally of things I would look for in a relationship. But I felt like it would really behoove me to revisit it given the changes I’ve gone through in the last year. Obviously some things needed re-evaluated. And some other things probably needed added.

I won’t bore you with the entire list, but the top three include: strong spiritual connection, likes my family (and reverse), and good communicator.

This is by no means a Match.com, sign-away-of-my-life to find someone; but I’m open to God moving some things around in my life.

I’m just ready for whatever is next.

Whenever it comes.

But no pressure or rush. I like a DVR full of my own shows and cooking for one person. Cereal for dinner, it is . . .

It’s just that now I can watch my shows and eat cereal, and not have to be cold-shoulder to ever thinking about love again.

Because, you know what? This is done.

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