Turn it up, Monday morning.

Week 2: DeVotchKa

Taken from the Russian word meaning “girl,” DeVotchKa weaves some fairly unique sounds and lyrics together combining a multi-instrumental and vocal ensemble. A little more my typical go-to genre than last week’s punk-inspired Titus Andronicus; I could totally work while listening to the folk-like melodies from this group. Some of the groups songs with a heavy repetitive beat makes me a little physically sick. (I wish I were joking, but instead I’ll just recommend not listening the “How It Ends”–which surprisingly was in “Little Miss Sunshine,” I’m not recalling it.) But other songs like “You Love Me” carry a more traditional folk sound, or “Death By Blonde” (a personal favorite) interjects a more ethnic Russian tone blended with current and edgier blends.

Basically, their use of accordion at times makes me happy.

One Hundred Other Lovers by DeVotchKa on Grooveshark

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