Turn it up, Monday morning.

25 by 25 included listening to music outside of what I hear on the typical radio. Thank you, Pandora and Grooveshark for expanding my interests. But I wanted to be more proactive. Music is incredibly inspiring to me. (Hence also the “learn to play guitar” 25 by 25.) And I want to find new ways of expression.

So, every Monday morning tune in for a new find to jump start your Monday morning playlist.

Have suggestions? Send away.

Week 1: Titus Andronicus

Cuing high school memories of blasting Weezer (not helped by the fact that they have a “Say It Ain’t So” cover on Grooveshark), Titus Andronicus was a great find for loud, don’t-care, great-beat, rebellious-lyrical music. My favorite is tabbed on “In a Big City” but per the band’s latest album “Local Business” review in The Boston Globe, “Ecce Homo” is also worth the listen.

Now I’ll go back to my head-bobbing, eye-brow-raising and grinning as I’m reminded of my punk affections a few years back.

In A Big City by Titus Andronicus on Grooveshark

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