Observations while working at the WFU library.

I’ve just spent the last two hours working at the WFU library, courtesy of the tip from the nice man at Barnes and Noble yesterday. Have I gotten stuff done? Yes. Have I mostly people watched? Maybe.

  • Every girl here DOES appear to be in a sorority.
  • These students would hate Belk Library in Boone. It’s so daggum quiet in here. I felt guilty walking. Walking, folks.
  • Of course I would see one of the three students I know. I guess it’s true…not a campus of 17,000.
  • And lastly, these kids are BABIES. Where the heck did all the college kids go who were my age? (Feeling old, sigh.)

That’s all for now. TBD on if I shall return. But kudos, WFU for a pretty place to put some words on paper.

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